Codeigniter 4 Database, Base Url , Project Environment Configuration

Codeigniter 4 Tutorial
Codeigniter 4 Database, Base Url , Project Environment Configuration

We will Configure our Codeigniter 4 that we have installed already. I will show you how to configuration database connection details, base url and project environment in Codeigniter 4.

Codeigniter 4 Configuration

In Codeigniter 4 we can configure the database connection, base url, environment details in env file. We can also configure all the things  using old method. Env file can be found in our Codeigniter 4 project root directory There we can see env file. We have to rename it ‘env to .env’.

1. Database Connection

After renaming open the file.  Set your database details. Here is an example. You can see image also.

database.default.hostname = localhost 
database.default.database = ci4 
database.default.username = root 
database.default.password = 
database.default.DBDriver = MySQLi 
database.default.DBPrefix = my_
Codeigniter 4 tutorial
Codeigniter 4 database connection

2. Base Url Setup

We also configure base url using our .env file. Don’t forget to un-comment.

app.baseURL = 'http://mycodeigniter4.test'

3. Project Environment Setup

We will configure our project Environment using our .env file. Here an example

CI_ENVIRONMENT = development

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